About Dyne Enterprise

Dyne Enterprise, is a digital marketing, website development, and creative web design company that has been the provider of choice for top companies as well as small businesses when it comes to building clean and accessible websites that bring results.

Our creative web services are known for meeting customer expectations and driving traffic that generate leads. We excel at providing businesses with responsive website design, web development, branding/logo design, graphic design, e-commerce solutions, photography and search engine optimization (SEO) services that make brands stand out in a competitive market. We provide complimentary services such as social media interaction, website hosting services and digital printing as part of our effort of being a leading full-service website design and digital marketing services company.

The company was started in February 2018 by our Founder, President and C.E.O Dyne Moutou, a Student of the prestigious Pentecost University College. He established this firm with the aim of reducing the Information technological gap in Africa. Dyne Enterprise is currently one of the best performing website development companies in Ghana and Republic of Congo which has numerous clients in Africa and beyond. Our objective is to provide superior quality information technology services in Africa and throughout the world.

What drives us


What drives us is Passion and Excellence. Passion serves as an anchor for our labour of love in the digital world.


Design enables us to create solutions that looks beautiful and works. Our imagination is often the doorway to that creative world.


Technology gives us the creation power. Intelligent use of technology and design gives us successes in the business world.